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At FOCAL POINT, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber security. Our Research and Development (R&D) service is designed to help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in cyber security. We conduct in-depth research into emerging threats and technologies, and we provide insights and recommendations on how businesses can leverage these developments to improve their security posture. Our R&D service is an essential component of our commitment to providing comprehensive cyber security solutions

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Start Date: Oct 2020 - End Date: Dec 2023

AI4HEALTHSEC proposes a state-of-the-art solution that improves the detection and analysis of cyber-attacks and threats on HCIIs, and increases the knowledge on the current cyber security and privacy risks. Additionally, AI4HEALTHSEC builds risk awareness, within the digital Healthcare ecosystem and among the involved Health operators, to enhance their insight into their Healthcare ICT infrastructures and provides them with capability to react in case of security and privacy breaches. Last but not least, AI4HEALTHSEC fosters the exchange of reliable and trusted incident-related information among ICT systems and entities composing the HCIIs without revealing sensitive corporate details.

Start Date: Jan 2023 - End Date: Dec 2025

Seventeen (17) EU Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and thirteen (13) security companies from sixteen (16) Member States propose the agile CyberSecPro professional cybersecurity practical and hands-on training program that will complement, support and advance the existing academic programs by linking innovation, research, industry, academia and SME support. CyberSecPro aims to bridge the gap between degrees, working-life and marketable cybersecurity skill sets necessary in the digitalization efforts and become the best practice for all cybersecurity training programs.

Start Date: Oct 2020 - End Date: Sep 2023

CYRENE aims to enhance the security, privacy, resilience, accountability and trustworthiness of Supply Chains through the provision of a novel and dynamic Conformity Assessment Process that evaluates the security and resilience of supply chain services, the interconnected IT infrastructures composing these services and the individual devices that support the operations of the SCs. In particular, the proposed CAP will support, at different levels, SCs security officers and operators to recognize, identify, model, and dynamically analyze cyber risks. Moreover, it will support forecasting, treatment and response to advanced persistent threats and handle daily cyber-security and privacy risks, incidents and data breaches.

Start Date: Jun 2021 - End Date: May 2024

SENTINEL will bridge the security and personal data protection gap for European SMEs/MEs, by raising awareness and boosting their capabilities in the domain through innovation at a cost-effective level. This will be achieved by integrating tried-and-tested security and privacy technologies into a unified digital architecture and then applying disruptive Intelligence for Compliance. Combined with a well-researched methodology for application and knowledge sharing and a wide-reaching plan for experimentation for innovation, SENTINEL will help small enterprises feel considerably more secure and safeguard their and their customers’ assets.