Very important to be secure from this attack vector.


FOCAL POINT will review the security posture of a mobile application from the perspective of a valid user with malicious intent as well as from the perspective of an anonymous user. This process entails testing viable attack vectors identified during the threat analysis phase of the engagement.

Upon the completion of this assessment, FOCAL POINT will have:

  • Identified the vulnerabilities affecting the target applications
  • Determined the systemic causes that led to the introduction of the vulnerabilities
  • Commented on the ease of exploitation of the discovered vulnerabilities
  • Evaluated the potential risk impact of the vulnerabilities on the business
Penetration Test


The FOCAL POINT mobile application assessment process consists of the following key phases:

  • Static Analysis of Application and Supporting Files
  • Application Review and Mapping
  • Analysis of Device, Application, and User Authentication and Authorization
  • Input Validation Analysis
  • Analysis of Application-Directed SMS Messages
  • Assessment of Supporting Servers