Examine Your Network for Evidence of the Presence of an Advanced Threat Actor

Across all industry segments, an average of 96% of systems were breached in 2015. You might already be compromised, or you might have been compromised long ago – you’re just not sure. When you look around at all the recent headline breaches, you can’t help but wonder, “Is that happening to my organization?” In the current threat landscape, advanced attackers have emphasized stealth. The discovery of any possible evidence of an attacker's presence and avenue of attack requires a specialized skillset.

When you need to know, without a doubt, whether you’ve been compromised, FireEye can help.

a Whitepaper: The Benefits of Compromise Assessments

Am I Compromised?

How to know you're ready for Mandiant assessments

  • If you’ve recently recovered from a breach, a comprehensive analysis of your systems can provide peace of mind that you have fully eradicated attackers from your environment.
  • If your partners or competitors have suffered a recent breach, it’s probably time to look into your own assets and systems.
  • If you’re in an industry or country that is a high-risk target of well-funded advanced threat groups sponsored by nation states, it’s best to take every opportunity to sift through your network and files for suspicious activity.
  • If you store or process significant amounts of intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data or similar content, you need to be confident that none of the attacks against you have crept through your security.

Mandiant assessment services to meet your needs

Compromise Assessment: Detect current or past cyber attacker activity in your environment.
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Why choose Mandiant Consulting?

The same skills, determination and technology we bring to our incident response are part of our compromise assessments. Not only do we search out any malware in your system – we also search for traces of malicious activity to detect any potential past compromises of your environment.

And of course, in the worst-case scenario, if we do detect an actual breach, you have ready access to world-renowned Mandiant incident response services with a smooth handoff of all information gathered up to that point.