Mitigate Complex Security Vulnerabilities That Lead to Critical Data Loss

In 2014-2015, the median time from compromise to discovery dropped from 205 to 146 days. That’s still five months of unauthorized system and data access. Attackers are looking for hidden weak spots in your security. You only have an advantage if you can find those vulnerabilities first. With over a decade of front-line experience and extensive intelligence about the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of attackers worldwide, Mandiant experts can test your security program to its limits, reveal vulnerabilities and suggest improvements to shore up your defenses.

Let FireEye help you discover the vulnerabilities attackers are most likely to exploit before they breach your security.


Am I at Risk?

How to know you're ready for Mandiant assessments

  • If your attention is split between multiple high-risk assets in your organization, you’ll need to know which to prioritize, and when.
  • If you’re trying to identify the weak points in specific aspects of your operations, a penetration test (pen test) or red team assessment can help.
  • If you’re re-securing your organization after a breach, however small, assessments will help you close gaps in your security program.
  • Experienced Mandiant security professionals can be tasked to safely target your assets using attacker TTPs and expose the true strength of your security.

Mandiant assessment services to meet your needs

Penetration Testing
Customized attacks that use the TTPs of real-world attackers to determine which vulnerabilities are leaving your critical assets at risk.
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Red Team Operations
Focused attacks designed to give your security team practical experience defending against attacks that target your critical data.
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Industrial Control Systems Healthcheck: Conduct a non-invasive, operational technology (OT)-aware analysis of your ICS architecture and develop a threat model to identify and address vulnerabilities that bridge IT security and operational technology (OT).
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Why choose Mandiant Consulting?

With the intelligence we gather from FireEye technology and our experience battling on the front lines of cyber attacks and from investigating some of the most sophisticated cyber attack groups, we have a unique understanding of threat actor TTPs and an ability to think like advanced attackers. Coupled with the ability to use the same TTPs as advanced attackers, this allows us to discover the most subtle vulnerabilities in your systems.

And your most significant value is our embedded incident response experts (from Red Team Operations), who can guide you through what our assessment teams might be doing, document the strength of your practices and procedures, and recommend improvements to enhance your security posture.