`incident Response

Incident Response Centre

A dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) as an extension to your own IT/Security team

How it works

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    It is very important for shipping companies to have a Security Operations Centre (SOC) as an extension to their own IT/Security teams.

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    A dedicated SOC is the best choice for the shipping company to achieve the appropriate level of Incident Response that a shipping company cannot achieve with the current resources.

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    In case of an alert, the analysts in the SOC activate the SOC Incident Management process, which covers mitigation process documentation and escalation according to the incident severity.

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    Indicative SLA Support Levels

    Centralized Support by our partner’s Security Operation Center (SOC)

    • Support Coverage Hours : 24x7x365
    • Monitoring by SOC
    • Telephone & Email Support
    • Hot Line phone Support by Emergency Report Team (ERT)
    • Threat Analysis by ERT
    • Access to on-line Service Desk Platform (Trouble Ticketing Platform)
    • Service Desk Response Time : up to 30 minutes
    • A number of free change request for every calendar month (see the above table).
    • Incident Handling as advisory (the execution will be under customer’s responsibility)
    • Monthly Reporting
    • On-site support for Hardware Replacement – Next Business Day
    • Project Management
    • Training for the usage of the Service Desk Platform