`incident Response

Cyber Defence Exercises

Best teams strive to complete Incident Response tasks in one hour or less. They only achieve this level of performance by having thorough incident response plans, backed by exercises and tools that manage the Incident Response process.

How it works

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    The Value of Preparation

    The more analysis that is required when dealing with events, the slower the deployment of the correct response. In a fast-moving crisis, it is a major challenge to take account of several alternative options, think through their likely consequences and then select the most appropriate course of action. The alternative to this is considering common scenarios in advance and developing well considered, predefined actions

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    Practice is Everything

    Crisis management and Cyber Incident Response gets easier with practice. Regular Cyber Crisis exercises are an excellent means of preparing the response team for real incidents and helping to identify useful support tools, equipment and data that can improve or speed up decision making when dealing with real incident.

Cyber Protector
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    Exercise Objectives

    A two days Cyber Defence Exercise where the Cyber Security Incident Response Team will learn how to:

    • Increase its readiness
    • Prepare to cope even with the more sophisticated cyber attacks before the cyber attack takes place.
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    Live Cyber Attacks

    Cyber Protector is a service, based upon international organisations knowledge and expertise, to exercise incident responses in a simulated/virtual cyber crisis environment, facing all forms of cyber attacks through a live technical Red/Blue Team Cyber Defence Exercises (CDX)

    • Blue Teams will have to defend a pre-built virtual network consisting of virtual machines against the sophisticated, high-level, real-time, Red Team's cyber attacks
    • Blue Teams will participate from their own premises connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the exercise Virtual Infrastructure