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Maritime Cyber Risk Assessment

Advanced risk management methodologies and dynamic tools are needed in order for shipping companies to manage and treat their physical and cyber risks

How it works

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    A Maritime Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

    A unique and dedicated Maritime Cyber Risk Assessment Tool that provides guides, guidelines and practical advises on how to self-assess and self-organize security issues.

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    Interim Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management

    The Maritime Safety Committee, at its ninety-sixth session (11 to 20 May 2016), having considered the urgent need to raise awareness on cyber risk threats and vulnerabilities, approved the Interim guidelines on maritime cyber risk management.

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    Customised Configuration

    CYSM system enables Cyber Security staff to: (i) model physical and cyber assets and interdependencies; (ii) analyse and manage internal/external physical and cyber threats/vulnerabilities; (iii) evaluate / manage physical and cyber risks against the requirements specified in the ISPS Code and ISO27001 or other appropriate framework.

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    Compliance to Guidelines

    CYSM system integrates a targeted risk management methodology (CYSM-RM) that relies on modelling and group decision making techniques using the collective knowledge of all users, estimating and rolling up risks (physical and cyber) across diverse target types, attack modes, and geographic levels.

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